Chapter 12

Actually, I have written 34 chapters.  I am working on Chapter 35.  However, I have decided to stop posting the chapters in blog form, for several reasons.

Reason #1: No-one is reading this novel online.

Reason #2: Several people have discovered how to distribute spam using the “like” feature, getting past the askismet feature that has held spammers at bay for quite a few years.  I have logged a formal complaint with staff, and in the process I have discovered that other bloggers have the same complaint.  To quote one blogger, “Leslie Carter is a nuisance.”  Boy, is she ever!  I can’t get rid of her!  Her blog is in my face every time I log onto

Reason #3:  It is a waste of time, in my opinion, to deal with the bugs, which give a warning before wiping out what I have written as I press “Save draft”.  If I had not been fighting the bugs, I would have written more chapters.  And I enjoy writing the novel more than fighting the bugs in the blogging software.

Reason #4: Based on feedback I have received to early drafts I sent to a friend by email, I am revising the first few chapters.

Reason #5: A creative writing instructor, who happens to be an assistant provost at a major university, advised me that I would be better able to sell my novel if it were not on the web.  He said that many publishers don’t want to deal with the rights issue of novels previously published on the web.

Au Revoir


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