Amandine Aurore Lucille Dupin was born on July 1, 1804 in Paris, France.  Her father was an aristocrat, the grandson of the Marshal General of France, Maurice, Comte de Saxe.  Her mother a commoner.  She spent most of her youth at her paternal grandmother’s estate, which she eventually inherited, in Nohant, France.   At age 18, she married Baron Casimir Dudevant.  They had two children.  In the beginning, their marriage was happy, but after seven years she tired of her well-intentioned but insensitive husband and began a string of affairs.  In January 1831, she left Nohant for Paris, where she entered into a relationship with Jules Sandeau.  The director of Le Figaro, Henri de Latouche, accepted some articles that she and Sandeau wrote together under the pseudonym Jules Sand.  Then she wrote a her first independent novel, Indiana, which was a protest against social conventions that restrict a wife to being a chattel of her husband.  For this novel, which brought her immediate fame when it was published in 1832, she first used the pseudonym George Sand.

In 1835 she obtained a legal separation from her husband and took her children with her.  She subsequently acquired many friends in the arts and intelligentsia, whose names are known  to history as the key figures of the Romantic Age, and took a series of lovers,  including Prosper Merimee, Alfred de Musset, and Frederic Chopin.  She wrote at least ten novels and two autobiographies.  Her novels often including characters who were thinly disguised descriptions of her friends and lovers, some of whom objected to how they were described.  Despite being a baroness from an aristocratic family, she wrote many articles critical of the aristocracy.  George Sand and her daughter Solange Sand had a falling out over finances.  Frederic Chopin continued to be friendly and sympathetic toward Solange, a relationship that alienated him from George Sand.

She died on June 8, 1876, not quite achieving age 72.



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